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NEXT MEETING The Apple Valley Tea Party will be meeting July 23,  7 pm, at the Frederick County Public Safety Building, 1080  Coverstone Dr. Winchester, Va. 22602.
-AFL-CIO controlled union intervenes, cancels Trump border tour planned by local agents. http://bit.ly/1Ifjd3m Good grief.  All this does is bring more good attention to Trump.  Trump is governments' worst nightmare.     -Donald Trump:  Border Patrol invited me,  'They wanted to give me an award.  They are petrified of what is happening.' http://bit.ly/1CSWBtB Just like the Energizer Bunny......he keeps on going.     -Corker to Kerry:  Dude, you got fleeced by the mullahs. http://bit.ly/1GHVwzE That's a bit hypocritical coming from Bob Corker.   -Donald Trump discusses circumstances which would trigger a 3rd party run by him. http://bit.ly/1LGdg4Q You better believe that the Republican Party will do their best to trigger those circumstances.     -Ted Cruz responds to Nancy Pelosi calling Planned Parenthood videos a fake controversy. http://bit.ly/1CXHsXC Fighting corruption everywhere he can.     -Planned Parenthood pulls names of corporate donors after Coca Cola, Ford and Xerox object. http://dailysign.al/1MnYAIt Turns out these so-called donors weren't into Planned Parenthood all that much.  Makes you wonder.
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