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NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be on December 11th and 12th, 2015 at the NWWorks, which is located at 3085 Shawnee Dr., Winchester Va. 22601 From 6:00pm to 9:30pm Our Guest speaker for both days will be  Loren Spivack, who is a popular author, economist, political activist, and highly sought after speaker on economics and small government.  
-George Washington's 1778 Thanksgiving Mediation. http://bit.ly/1I3DE9Q What we all need to hear from across the ages.  -Obama's incompetent ISIS plan slammed on Sunday news shows. http://bit.ly/1HgZs1T The ones doing the slamming should have been doing it 6 years sooner.  Barn door, horse and all that. -CNN lied:  Trump protecters did not  kick black activist who stormed the rally. http://bit.ly/1T8WSMv Be ever vigilant and use your cell phones when things like this happen.  You can be the 'reporter'. -David Vitter's loss in Louisiana isn't an upset. http://bit.ly/1YoyitU I guess it isn't if you understand the dynamics.  Just not in the cards for Vitter.  -Why isn't ISIS afraid attacking West will lead to invasion of the Middle East region? http://dailysign.al/1lDuS8P One name..........Obama. -Rush:  Obama's #1 enemy is the GOP and the Conservative movement. http://bit.ly/1MLRsCG Actually, the GOP's #1 enemy is the Conservative movement. 
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