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NEXT MEETING Our Next Meeting Will Be On At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 1080 Coverstone Dr at 7:00pm
-Obama:  We are not losing the war against ISIS--Loss of Ramadi is just a set back. http://bit.ly/1FFoeXX We have a fool for a president.     -Jeb Bush:  Let's face it, Republicans spent too much when my brother was President. http://bit.ly/1F0i1iH And it's going to change if you are?  Most likely not going to happen.     -Baltimore Police Commissioner:  Police having trouble policing,being surrounded at every call. http://bit.ly/1FGt5Iv You thought it was somewhat peaceful in Baltimore?  Seriously?     -GOP Bill creates incentives to put birth control pill Over- the-Counter. http://bit.ly/1LieO2N This is not the way to fight the non-existent war on women.     -Watch what happens when a pompous Dem meets face to face with Sheriff Clarke. http://bit.ly/1Q0auGS Smile.     -Islamic terrorists should be called Islamic terrorists. http://dailysign.al/1HyfbIJ Yes, they should, but our president doesn't think so.  He's very misguided and incompetent.
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