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NEXT MEETING Our Next Meeting Will Be On 09/25/2014 At the Frederick County Public Safety Building 7:00pm 1080 Coverstone Dr Winchester, Va Possible Bridge Rally 09/27/2014 Check Back For More Information
-Agenda 21: the standardization of Common Core. http://bit.ly/1pev8Fd Surprised?  You shouldn't be. -The Benghazi Brief http://bit.ly/1wukbYw Is 'sundance' the only investigative reporter left in the US?  This is the best Benghazi article written.  It will answer most of your questions. -Retired General John Allen selected for ISIS campaign..........and the dot connecting begins http://bit.ly/1tUP0oo One word:  Leverage. -The secret weapon for the Dems this campaign is............Mooch! http://bit.ly/1oN5cBd Stop laughing.  They are trying to be serious. -Obama's plan for fighting ISIS is..........unbelievable. http://bit.ly/1AOLL0G Even the foreign press is disappointed in Obama.  He keeps stepping in it. -Agenda 21 simplified:  Gun control. http://bit.ly/1oHM1Zy It's always the method of tyrants.
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