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NEXT MEETING The Apple Valley Tea Party will be meeting July 9, 7 pm, at the Frederick County Public Safety Building, located at 1080  Coverstone Dr. Winchester, Va. 22602. Guest speaker will be Shak Hill, a veteran, and a true patriot. Shak was a candidate for the nomination for the US Senate in 2014. He continues to fight for America. Refreshments available at 6:30 PM.  Public is welcome
- It's working!  Health insurers ask for a 54% premium increase to pay for Obamacare mess. http://bit.ly/1NJC22Y Hang on to your shorts, people.  Here it comes.     -That Trump "racist attack" on Bush's wife may be a bit over stated. http://bit.ly/1J1d4bT Hang in there Donald.  Keep fighting.  We need fighters.     -Scarboro flips out.....Why are these GOP candidates so gloomy? http://bit.ly/1dIcSp1 Liberals live in a fantasy land.     -Sheriff Joe used these two bold words to describe Obama's birth certificate. http://bit.ly/1KHUjjk So where is the real one?  What is on it that Obama doesn't want known?     -Obama admits he doesn't believe American troops can defeat ISIS. http://bit.ly/1HIpIBN We  had this war won until Obama pulled out our troops.     -Donald Trump doubles down on immigrant comments. http://bit.ly/1H579lN Keep speaking the truth.  Keep on keeping on!
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