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NEXT MEETING The Next Apple Valley Tea Party Meeting will be on 02/11/2016 at the Frederick County Public Safety Building 1080 Coverstone Dr. 7:00PM
-Former Mexican president:  Won't pay a single cent for 'stupid wall'. bit.ly/1KByrri If you are the "former" president, it probably isn't up to you. -Pressure mounting on Lynch for Special Counsel on Hillary e-mail. bit.ly/20Gi9Vh Is the correct pressure being applied?  Does Hillary skate? -Hillary is still reportedly taking advice from Sid Blumenthal. bit.ly/1QRqeyv Terry McAuliffe, too.  She should stop.  It doesn't seem to be working. -North Korea's new satellite flew over Super Bowl site. apne.ws/1UZ8PFi OK?  Does anyone even care? -DHS ordered agent to delete records of hundreds of Muslims with terror ties. bit.ly/1omcpik Then Obama threw his own DHS under the bus.  It's never his fault. -Radical Turkish Islamists control over 150 US charter schools. bit.ly/1O0pLFC Find out who the Turkish George Soros is. 
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