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ATTENTION WE NO LONGER MEET AT THE FREDERICK COUNTY PUBLIC SAFTEY BUILDING. NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be on September 10th, 2015 at the War Memorial Building (Lord Fairfax Room) 1001 East Cork Street Winchester, VA 22601 The Meeting starts at 6:30pm Rod Eccles of the Rod Eccles show will be speaking
-National Review's real problem isn't with Trump, it's with the people. http://bit.ly/1gxvHgQ When the Ivory Tower goes over like a lead balloon.  Elitists can't help themselves. -Donald Trump crushes GOP field in latest national poll. http://bit.ly/1M0vUGU Save this reference.  It's loaded with information and how to defeat the GOPe. -Hillary Clinton refuses to apologize for "E-mail Choices"......she says she "was not thinking" http://bit.ly/1imoZLp Great!  Just what we need, another non-thinking president. -Over 30 magistrates refuse to perform same sex weddings in NC. http://bit.ly/1imqucG What a great idea!  This is totally legal. -YouGov Poll:  64% want a border fence with Mexico including pluralities of Dems, Blacks, Hispanics.  http://bit.ly/1QeWLxy So.....where is it?  It was promised over 10 years ago. -Joe Biden thinks China is in North America.  It's a good thing he is a Democrat. http://bit.ly/1NSJJHI The headline says it all. 
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