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NEXT MEETING Our next meeting will be on October 13th, 2015at the Frederick County Public Safety Building 1080 Coverstone Dr. Greg and Rebecca Rinard, will be presenting "The Great American Patriotic Chalk Talk...And The Story of The Greatest Victory Ever Won".  Greg is the "Talker", bringing a timely message on patriotism that will be sure to stir your soul, while Rebecca as the "Chalker", illustrating the message through chalk art. Attendees will all have a chance to win the completed chalk drawing at the end of the program.  
-Hocus-pocus, deceive us, tax us. http://bit.ly/1dQdxpy Bravo, Franklin.  Outstanding! -The curious case of Oregon shooter, Chris Harper- Mercer--a social profile shaped, modified and deleted. http://bit.ly/1hk50vE So will it come out that Chris Mercer is actually a radicalized Muslim jihadist? -Playing the Trump card on a corrupt GOPe. http://bit.ly/1LrTwEu 18 and a half minutes of conservative fun and frolic!  -Christians brutally executed by ISIS because they refused to renounce Christ. http://bit.ly/1hk1AJp Who is going to stop this evil?  Anyone?  Who do you trust to do it? -Judge Jeanine:  Putin looking to be the world's super power and may succeed  thanks to wimpy Obama. http://bit.ly/1Vyblqc Obama created a vacuum.  Putin jumped right in.  Planned? -Lorne Michaels went all out for Hillary on SNL debut. http://bit.ly/1LrWsRB You will never be able to wipe that lying gene out of Hillary. -Migrants storm Eurotunnel:  Violent, coordinated attack. http://bit.ly/1j8NKeV They are there to take over.  Get used to it and stop letting them in.  It's an invasion!
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